The Applied Security & Cryptography (ASC) Research Lab, directed by Prof. Zhe Liu, focus on network security, data security, system security and cryptography. The lab seeks to develop theories, techniques, and systems to enable a more secure and efficient information systems, that are more robust, accountable, and privacy preserve. Our current research focuses on six areas: (1) Cryptographic Engineering, (2) Cryptography algorithms, (3) Software and System Security, (4) AI Security, (5) IoT Security, and (6) Blockchain security and Privacy.


8/1/2020 - Our paper"A semi-autonomous distributed blockchain-based framework for UAVs system." was accepted by Journal of Systems Architecture. Congrats to Chunpeng Ge, Xinshu Ma and Zhe Liu.

5/25/2020 - Our paper"SecureNLP: A System for Multi-Party Privacy-Preserving Natural Language Processing." was accepted by IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security. Congrats to Zhe Liu.

5/24/2020 - Our paper"A Privacy Preserve Big Data Analysis System for Wearable Wireless Sensor Network." was accepted by Computers & Security. Congrats to Chunpeng Ge, Zhe Liu and Liming Fang.

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ASC Lab looks for highly motivated undergrads, grads, and postdocs to join the group. If you are interested in our research, please come to visit our lab and/or send us your resume.

Cryptographic Engineering
Automated Program Repair
Cryptography Algorithms
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